dermot_trellis (dermot_trellis) wrote in nickdrake,

The Peel Session

Here's an MP3 file of the only surviving recorded fragment of Nick's John Peel session, recorded in 1969. This has been on a tape for a long time but only became public quite recently. Unfortunately, all we've got is 1 minute of Time of No Reply, a sentence from Peel, and 3 minutes of Three Hours, and the recording quality is a little muddy, but it's better than nothing. I listen to it and wonder how people couldn't have been captivated by hearing this at the time, and ran out and bought his records!.. Thanks very much to 'Polish Fisherman' who provided me with this and is encouraging the fans to pass it around to discourage opportunistic bootleggers.

EDIT- replaced the download link with one for a slightly better sounding 192kbps MP3 version:
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