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Hello to all you Nick Drake lovers!

I'm not sure whether it really is a good idea to post this journal here, in this community. However, Nick Drake does take a huge part in it, and any opportunity to bring Nick Drake in the spotlights is a good one to me. Furthermore it seems to me that it's always a good thing for a community to have a lot of activity. If you do feel I just keep these kind of rubbish posts to myself, please feel free to say so.
So, here goes.

Someone asked a question on some forum:
"Which is the song you've listened most to so far, or which song is your favourite?"

This inspired me to quite an extensive answer, which I'm able to give solely thanks to the best website ever created:  - I absolutely adore these kind of statistics.

Here's my answer:

Last 12 months
1. Nick Drake – Pink Moon
2. Nick Drake – Saturday Sun
3. Nick Drake – Things Behind the Sun
4. Pinback – Penelope
5. Nick Drake – Place to Be
6. Nick Drake – Northern Sky
7. Pinback – Tripoli
8. Jacques Brel – Ne me quitte pas
9. Nick Drake – Road
10. Nick Drake – Hazey Jane II

Last 6 months
1. Nick Drake – Hazey Jane II
2. John Frusciante – Carvel
3. Nick Drake – Northern Sky
4. Nick Drake – Hazey Jane I
5. Nick Drake – Road
6. John Frusciante – Regret
7. John Frusciante – Going Inside
8. Nick Drake – Pink Moon
9. Nick Drake – Bryter Layter
10. John Frusciante – Omission

Last 3 months
1. Nick Drake – Hazey Jane II
2. Nick Drake – Road
3. Nick Drake – Hazey Jane I
4. Nick Drake – Northern Sky
5. Wim De Craene – Rozanne
6. Joanna Newsom – "En Gallop"
7. Pinback – Loro
8. Nick Drake – Pink Moon
9. Willem Vermandere – Klein ventje van Elverdinge
10. Nick Drake – Poor Boy

Last week
1. Nick & Gabrielle Drake – All my trials
2. Nick Drake – Don't think twice, it's alright
3. Donovan – Wear Your Love Like Heaven
4. Sufjan Stevens – Chicago
5. Miek & Roel – De grote revolutie
6. Hues Corporation – Rock The Boat
7. Nick Drake – Blues run the game

Of course I would very much like to know your answer to this question!
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