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Nick Drake on the Cover of MOJO

SunnyMurdoch's post just reminded me - Nick Drake is on the cover of the new MOJO magazine along with a 9-page article on him inside. I haven't read the article yet, but there are a few previously unseen pictures from Keith Morris' shoots. I highly encourage you to go out and buy it if you can (plus, it comes with a free Island Records Folk CD!). I know it's available in the UK but I'm not sure if the US has it.

Click on the pictures for full-sized.

page 1 page 1
Page 2 Page 2
page 3 page 3
page 4 page 4
page 5 page 5
page 6 page 6
page 7 page 7
page 8 page 8
page 9 page 9

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